Naturally Simple™

Naturally Simple™

Nasal Mist and Throat Care Products

For Clearing Congestion and Moisturizing of Nasal Passages

Naturally Simple™ brand products are available for distribution. Please contact us for details.

Naturally Simple™ Sterile Saline Nasal Mists are sterile sodium chloride and sea salt solutions used to gently relieve symptoms of dry irritated nasal passages and for clearing of congestion.

Naturally Simple™ Nasal Mists are isotonic, meaning they contain the same level of sodium chloride that exists naturally in the human body.

Naturally Simple™ Nasal Mists contain no medications or preservatives, They are safe for adults and children.

Naturally Simple™ uses a unique bag-in-a-can technology that keeps the product sterile and allows the user to spray Naturally Simple™ in a continuous fine mist at all angles.


  • Remains Sterile throughout the life of the canister
  • Gently and naturally irrigates nasal passages
  • No burning or stinging
  • Revolutionary dispenser allows for 360° dispensing
  • Consistent pressurized delivery
  • 100% of the product is used; nothing is left in the can when it is done
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Safe and Effective misting action at the press of a button, use Naturally Simple™ Brand Saline Wound Wash™ to irrigate and moisturize nasal passages. Not meant for use in the eyes, ears, or mouth.


  • Bag-in-can technology allows the product to be dispensed at any angle — even upside down.


  • No harmful propellants released into the solution or the atmosphere.
  • Revolutionary new packaging technology propels product from the can using compressed air only.
  • The can and components are recyclable.


  • Consistent air pressure squeezes the bag in the can which effectively mists without harming delicate tissue.


  • The contents remain sterile throughout the life of the can due to air tight seal.